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Unveiling China’s AI Workforce Dynamics

By December 10, 2023No Comments
Unveiling China’s AI Workforce Dynamics

AMPLYFI Unveil China’s AI Workforce Dynamics

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), understanding the changing dynamics around demand for AI and technical talent is crucial, especially when it comes to global technological competition. AMPLYFI, a leader in AI-powered Market Intelligence, collaborated with the Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET), a respected policy research organisation at Georgetown University, resulting in publications assessing China’s AI workforce.

CSET published its latest report on China’s AI workforce demand last week (29 November 2023), detailing implications for U.S. competitiveness and national security, leveraging data curated by AMPLYFI. This follows a report published in November 2022, also using AMPLYFI data

AMPLYFI’s long-term relationship with CSET has helped contribute to its evidence-driven analyses of artificial intelligence, spanning crucial aspects like AI talent, jobs, and  companies. 

Last week’s report involved AMPLYFI’s Deep Data Division, employing AI-powered analysis to scrutinise a significant 6.8 million job postings from Spring 2021. The AMPLYFI jobs dataset contains almost 10 million unique job postings in total. 

Oliver Hayman, VP of Strategic Partnerships at AMPLYFI, expressed delight at the publication of CSET’s latest report, emphasising the role of AMPLYFI’s Deep Data Division in generating novel data at scale. He added: “The analysis provided a crucial analytical edge, moving the debate forward on understanding the dynamics of AI-related roles and their impact on national security and defence capabilities.”

Talent as the Core of Technological Competition

The report highlights the importance of talent to the technological competition between the United States and China. It argues that U.S. policymakers need to understand China’s demand for AI talent, and also the scale of potential talent pool and Chinese efforts to educate and train its talent supply. In addition, it is also important to understand where the demand signal for these professionals is coming from, be it industry or defence-affiliated activity.  

China’s commitment to becoming a global leader in AI is underscored by its prioritisation of technological advancement and talent development. Xi Jinping’s statements in June 2022 reiterated the nation’s emphasis on technology and talent, recognising them as pivotal for achieving innovation and self-reliance in science and technology. CSET’s research, using AMPLYFI data, delves into the heart of this competition, exploring the demand for AI talent and the efforts invested in education and training.

CSET Assessing China’s AI Workforce

The report analysed 58,229 AI-related job postings at different geographic levels to highlight the demand for AI talent in China’s evolving landscape:

  • Regional clusters: 78% of these opportunities are concentrated in economically and technologically developed regions, including the Pearl River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Area, and the Yangtze River Delta.
  • Provincial hubspots: Provinces outside established regions, such as Hubei, Hunan, and Shandong, are actively seeking AI talent.
  • City-Level clusters: While AI job postings spanned 248 Chinese cities, 71% were concentrated in the top 10 cities, with Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Beijing leading the demand. Notably, emerging hubs like Suzhou and Dongguan also demonstrated a significant demand for AI professionals.

Implications for National Security and Technology Policy

The research offers specific insights into China’s demand for AI talent to U.S. policymakers and tech policy analysts. Understanding the geographical distribution of AI talent and its concentration in the defence and surveillance sectors is crucial for shaping informed strategies and policies.

In conclusion, AMPLYFI’s collaboration with CSET underscores the power of AI-driven market intelligence in unravelling complex dynamics. As technology continues to shape global landscapes, informed decision-making backed by comprehensive data becomes indispensable. AMPLYFI stands at the forefront, bridging the gap between data and strategic insights, contributing significantly to the discourse on AI, national security, and technological competition.