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AMPLYFI data reveals new insight into AI workforce demand in China

By November 22, 2022May 21st, 2024No Comments

AMPLYFI partners with the Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET) at Georgetown University to analyse the state of AI workforce demand in China, with insight from the analysis of 6.8 million job postings.

Understanding China’s AI workforce could provide important insight for the United States, which relies heavily on foreign-born, top-tier tech talent. However, little information about the state of China’s AI workforce is publicly available. To date, what is known comes mainly from sporadic Chinese ministry, university, and company reports, or from news media outlets.

To bridge the Chinese AI workforce data gap, AMPLYFI and CSET partnered to develop a novel dataset of 6.8 million Chinese job postings and used it to analyse AI workforce demand in China.

In a recent webinar from CSET, AMPLYFI‘s Head of Professional Services, Oliver Hayman, moderated the discussion in which the findings of the research were discussed.

About CSET

CSET is a policy research organisation within Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service which produces data-driven research at the intersection of security and technology, currently focusing on the effects of progress in AI, advanced computing and biotechnology. They seek to prepare a new generation of decision-makers to address the challenges and opportunities of emerging technologies.

About Georgetown University

Based in Washington D.C, Georgetown University was founded in 1789 and is a leading research institution. The Walsh School of Foreign Service is one of the world’s leading international affairs schools. Notable alumni include former U.S president Bill Clinton, and former CIA director George Tenet.