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Get the market intel you need – without the research time suck

Every team in your company needs the decision-making support of market insight, yesterday.

AMPLYFI helps B2B market intelligence teams analyse more content and sources in less time, and deliver automated, expert insights on the topics your stakeholders care about.

Our AI does the data analysis heavy lifting for you


More content sources analysed*


More online articles analysed*


Signals arrive at the same time/earlier*

*vs. an aggregate of alternatives


Track every competitor and stop the avalanche of email alerts

Stay in the loop without trawling hundreds of alerts and press releases, and get curated insights of competitor updates that take just seconds to read.

Choose from over 9.8m companies to track around the clock from a single feed of insights, and configure our AI to only get the signals that matter – and block the ones that don’t.

That’s time back for another cuppa.


Get expert-level sector insights that you can share straight away

AMPLYFI auto-generates market insights with AI, by analysing millions of articles – every day.

Get pro insights that make a difference

Save hours of article and journal reading with automated content analysis and generative AI sector insights that do the job for you.

Verify insight accuracy in seconds

Access the sources of each market signal, and feel confident in the knowledge your market insights are on point.

Quickly plug the information gaps

Get instant, generative answers to any question on your signals, for that extra market insight.

Take a look at how AMPLYFI delivers more insights with less manual research.


Learn about the newest tech breakthroughs – as soon as they’re published

Get AI-generated insights into the latest tech patents and breakthroughs you care about. Pick from over 60k tech topics to track, or simply define your own.

Our engine detects weaker signals before they become mainstream, so you’ll be amongst the first to hear about the newest tech.

Thanks to AMPLYFI’s deduplication, you won’t be getting false signals clogging up your insights feed.

Learn how your team can use AMPLYFI’s AI to automate and scale market intelligence