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Uncover the risks that matter to you – without the noise

There are lots of risks to track, understand and plan for – it’s overwhelming.

AMPLYFI analyses thousands of articles a minute and only finds the micro and macro risks you need to know about. With instantly generated market insights, you’ll be up to speed and ready to act in no time.

AMPLYFI analyses more content to spot risk signals in good time


More content sources analysed for risk topics*


More online articles analysed for risk topics*


Risk signals that arrive at the same time or earlier*

*vs. an aggregate of alternatives


Pick up on partner company risks – before the story goes viral

Set up your own company risk monitoring model in minutes – and track every supplier, client and stakeholder company, 24/7.

Analyse millions of articles every day and add filters to trigger the right alerts on adverse media coverage. Our engine learns which sources and signals to block, so you don’t get any false positives.

  • Choose from 9.8m+ companies worldwide to track
  • Build complex search queries to add precision to alert triggers
  • Automatically deduplicate content and signals

Learn how AMPLYFI detects risks sooner with less manual research.


Find hidden signals on market and sector headwinds

Spot emerging risks in markets and industries – as soon as the warning signs appear.

Use our AI to analyse entire articles – not just headlines or summaries – from millions of sources to catch weaker signals, and uncover sector trends at the earliest stage.

AI fuzzy match terms and topics to detect weaker signals

Add and configure content sources for deeper coverage

Configure your risk alert filters and cut the noise


Get tailored insights on country and climate risks – the moment they’re clocked

Get the full context on emerging geopolitical, security and environmental risks – in seconds.

Read accurate, personalised AI-powered insights – as soon as the risk is identified – or use our live generative Q&A for added insight into the threats identified.

Track over 60k topics or define your own

Get evidenced, generative insights, with sources you can access

Monitor risk signals from self-managed insights feeds that you can share

Learn how your team can use AMPLYFI’s AI to automate and speed up risk intelligence