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Deep Web Technologies was founded in 2002 and acquired by AMPLYFI in 2020 to join as a wholly owned US subsidiary. We help your organisation explore the DeepWeb to find better information faster.

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Explorit Everywhere! is designed to search all of your sources and intuitively navigate you through a quick search to efficiently find and apply your information when and where you need it. All of your content will be accessible to search from one box including subscription, public, catalog or internal. See fast, real-time results, dynamically ranked, filtered and categorized. Select and store your results to review anytime. Receive daily alerts of new, relevant knowledge. Place custom search boxes everywhere your users want them – on any web page, browser or mobile device.

Implementation cost and time is a fraction of creating a large index of your content.

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For immediate assistance with your existing application, please call or email your project manager or log in to our support website.  Alternatively, you may call our office directly at +1 (505)-318-0376.

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