Our products are used by a number of industries around the world, including financial services, banking, pharmaceuticals, automotive, academia, government and more.

Academic Research

World-leading universities use our products to review and analyse the trends and connections in thousands of academic papers, patents, journals, news items, and reports.

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AMPLYFI puts banks and other organisations on the front foot for managing risk, controlling debt, understanding supply chains, sector tracking, and monitoring competitors.

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Engineering firms use our Deep Web harvesting and artificial intelligence to support technology scouting, horizon scanning, and emerging risk assessments.

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AMPLYFI technologies power business-grade search portals for agencies of the U.S. Federal Government. In addition, the DataVoyant platform has been used to support government policy research and identify emerging trends to support policy making activities of governments around the world.

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AMPLYFI powers Insights Automation for some of the largest and most active Investors across M&A, Securities, PE and VC.

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Major pharmaceutical companies use our products for efficient searching and targeted access to high quality content, as well as technology horizon scanning and competitor analysis.

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