We are revolutionising business intelligence.

Businesses survive on the quality, depth and speed of information.

But there is a problem: the advent of the internet has made data fragmented, hard to find and almost impossible to interpret. We founded AMPLYFI to change the rules of business intelligence.

Our story.

AMPLYFI was created in 2015 by Chris Ganje and Ian Jones after they worked together at BP on global strategic projects. They experienced first-hand the difficulties in obtaining objective insight from the same old data and expert opinions that everyone else was using. They decided AI, the internet and unstructured data held the key, so they set about building a team of pioneering technologists, academics and sector experts to make their vision a reality.

Today, we have grown to over 50 people, expanded through acquisition in the US and have attracted blue-chip customers in countries all around the world.

And we haven’t stopped there. We are investing heavily in research and development, always pushing the boundaries of what is possible in harnessing AI and unlocking the entire internet.

AMPLYFI is the new frontier of business intelligence.

What we believe.

We don't accept the way things are.

We believe there is more to be learnt from data. We empower people to look where they previously couldn’t.

We are better, faster and add more value.

We provide new insights at ten times the speed and a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

We are pioneers.

We are leading the way in data sourcing, machine-driven analysis and Business Intelligence 4.0.

Do you share our vision for deeper understanding?