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New Feature: Reduce Research Time from Hours to Minutes

By April 16, 2024May 21st, 2024No Comments

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new AI-powered Market Research experience. Providing instant, trustworthy answers to your questions and reducing research time from hours to minutes.

Instant Trustworthy Answers

We know that finding the right information is hard, but reading and understanding is equally time-consuming. AMPLYFI’s New Research experience offers instant, reliable answers to all of your research questions. Powered by content spanning the entire internet it eliminates the need for manual data collection and hundreds of open tabs. Unlike many AI-powered answers, we provide sources and never generate answers when no information is available. Mitigating the risk of hallucinations, whilst giving transparency and confidence in research outputs – so you can get on with your next task.

Research questions

The integration of AMPLYFI’s AI-powered market intelligence platform has supercharged our team's workstreams, enhancing the quality of our outputs in shorter timeframes.

Team Lead, Research & InsightsDeloitte
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AI-Powered Market Research Features

  • Instant Answers: Ask any research question and receive comprehensive answers in real time, reducing your time to insight from hours to minutes.
  • Trustworthy & Verifiable: Every answer generated includes citations that highlight the document from which it was sourced, allowing you to audit every insight with a single click.
  • Untapped Insights: We go beyond your existing data, accessing the most relevant information from across the Internet to power your research, removing the barrier of time-consuming data collection.
  • Go Deeper into Topics: We suggest new research questions to ask, related to your original enquiry, to help you understand topics deeper and wider.
  • In-Depth Reports: Explore your insights in more depth by generating a Research Question report, unlocking the outputs of an AI Analyst in under 15 minutes.

Want to know more?

Our AMPLYFI AI-Powered Market Intelligence platform can save you time, reducing research tasks from hours to minutes – and we’d love to show you how.  Why not chat with our expert team, find a time that suits you: