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This Week in Generative AI – 10th to 16th November

By November 17, 2023No Comments

Airbnb acquires AI startup for help building ‘ultimate travel agent’

  • Airbnb has acquired AI startup to develop AI-powered “travel concierges”.
  • The move follows Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky’s vision of AI transforming Airbnb into the “ultimate travel agent”.
  •’s founder, Adam Cheyer, co-founded Siri and Viv Labs, and his team will help Airbnb create AI agents to enhance user experience and provide personalised services.

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YouTube to require creators to disclose use of generative AI

  • YouTube is introducing policies requiring creators to disclose when they use generative AI to create content.
  • The changes, effective next year, will also allow people to request removal of content that simulates identifiable individuals.
  • YouTube’s own AI tools will also be disclosed to viewers. Non-compliance could lead to content removal or penalties.

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JPMorgan cooperates with US regulators on creating AI projects

  • JPMorgan Chase is collaborating with US regulators on its first AI projects, aiming to ensure appropriate controls are in place.
  • The bank is testing AI applications for generating earnings summaries and customer help desks.
  • CEO Jamie Dimon believes AI could be integrated into all bank processes and predicts it could revolutionise work and healthcare.

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Microsoft rebrands Bing Chat as Microsoft Copilot in a direct challenge to ChatGPT

  • Microsoft has rebranded its Bing Chat chatbot as Microsoft Copilot, positioning it as a competitor to ChatGPT.
  • Powered by the Prometheus model, a next-generation OpenAI large language model, Copilot offers enhanced search capabilities, creative text generation, and informative responses to questions.
  • The preview version is currently available on

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OpenAI pauses ChatGPT Plus sign-ups as it ‘hits capacity’

  • OpenAI has temporarily halted sign-ups for its ChatGPT Plus service due to high demand following its first development conference, OpenAI DevDay.
  • The service experienced a significant outage shortly after the event, initially attributed to its popularity and later to a suspected DDoS attack.
  • The ChatGPT Plus subscription offers faster response times and priority access to new features for $20 per month.

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