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This Week in Generative AI – 15th to 21st December

By December 22, 2023May 20th, 2024No Comments
This week in Generative

Google limits election-related AI use, including restricting election-related queries with Bard

  • Google is implementing measures to prevent misuse of its platform during the 2024 elections.
  • It will limit election-related queries on its AI products, Bard and Search Generative Experience (SGE), require disclosure of AI-generated content in ads, and introduce labels for synthetic content on YouTube.
  • Google will also enhance cybersecurity for high-risk individuals during elections.

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Google Gemini heads to developers amid lukewarm reception

  • Google’s Gemini system, designed to outperform OpenAI’s GPT-4, has received mixed reviews.
  • While Google claims superior performance, the margin is slim and its multimodal functionality is not yet fully available.
  • Despite this, experts believe the system’s ability to interchange between voice, text, and imagery could revolutionize AI applications.

New language model breakthrough on Nature: Google DeepMind’s FunSearch addresses a longstanding mathematics challenge

  • A collaborative research team has developed FunSearch, a novel approach that combines a Large Language Model (LLM) with an evaluator to solve complex mathematical problems.
  • The method evolves low-scoring programs into high-scoring ones, leading to the discovery of new algorithms.
  • FunSearch has successfully addressed the longstanding cap set problem, outperforming current computational solvers.

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Google unveils MedLM generative AI models for healthcare with HCA, Augmedix and BenchSci as early testers

  • Google has launched MedLM, a set of AI models for healthcare applications, available through Google Cloud.
  • The models, developed from the Med-PaLM 2 platform, are being tested by HCA, Augmedix, and BenchSci.
  • The models are designed to assist with tasks such as medical note creation, drug discovery, and improving patient experiences.

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Google unveils VideoPoet, a new LLM for video generation

  • Google has introduced VideoPoet, a large language model (LLM) for video generation. It performs tasks like text-to-video conversion, video stylisation, and video-to-audio conversion.
  • VideoPoet stands out for its ability to create coherent large motions in videos and its integration of multiple video generation capabilities.
  • However, its real-world application and effectiveness are still under debate.

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