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This Week in Generative AI – 8th to 14th December

By December 15, 2023January 8th, 2024No Comments
This week in Generative

Healthcare Agency Roundtable 2023: Artificial intelligence for the foreseeable future

  • The Healthcare Agency Roundtable 2023 discussed the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the healthcare industry.
  • Experts highlighted the potential of AI in improving operational efficiency, personalizing customer experiences, and optimizing marketing strategies.
  • However, they also emphasized the need for responsible use, regulatory adherence, and human review of AI-generated content.

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Generative AI and regulatory changes to shape APAC financial services in 2024: Mambu report

  • Mambu’s 2024 Partner Predictions report forecasts generative AI and regulatory changes as key trends shaping the Asia Pacific financial services sector.
  • The report, featuring insights from 30 experts, also highlights digital transformation, payments, mortgages, embedded finance, and big tech as significant trends.
  • The report suggests generative AI could enhance customer experience and productivity, while regulatory changes could impact digital banking licenses and cross-border payments.

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Generative AI to be driving force in air travel: SITA trends report

  • A report by SITA reveals that 97% of airlines plan to develop generative AI, with a focus on biometric-enabled digital identity technologies, touchless solutions, and single token systems.
  • The report identifies 12 megatrends set to shape the travel industry by 2033, including digital travel, sustainability, and privacy.

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News companies prepare for the lasting changes generative AI brings

  • News companies are preparing for the impact of generative AI, with chat predicted to replace search, according to a recent INMA webinar.
  • The technology could improve workflows, personalise content and provide article narration. However, the rapid pace of AI development, limited talent pool and high costs pose challenges.
  • Experts recommend careful, intentional investment in AI, with clear objectives and cost modelling.

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How generative AI is put to work in business applications

  • Generative AI (genAI) is increasingly being used in business applications, from automating customer support to creating content.
  • However, challenges such as potential misuse, job automation fears, and the technology’s “black box” nature need addressing.
  • Despite these, experts believe genAI will augment human roles and significantly impact various industries, including entertainment and legal professionss.

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