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This Week in Generative AI – 27th October to 2nd November

By November 3, 2023January 8th, 2024No Comments
This week in Generative

Biden signs executive order to regulate AI amidst crypto and tech industry gains

  • President Joe Biden has signed an executive order to regulate artificial intelligence (AI), aiming to reduce risks and ensure safety.
  • Tech companies, including Microsoft, Meta Platforms, and Alphabet, have pledged to deploy AI safely.
  • The move comes amidst gains in the tech industry, with Alphabet, Meta, and Amazon seeing significant share price increases.

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‘World-first’ Bletchley declaration on AI safety agreed ahead of summit

  • The “Bletchley declaration on AI safety” has been agreed upon ahead of the AI safety summit, marking a global conversation on AI risks.
  • The summit will host representatives from 27 countries and leading AI companies.
  • Discussions will focus on societal risks such as bias, disinformation, and deepfakes, and the responsible use of AI.

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UK government spending $273 million to build its fastest-ever AI supercomputer

  • The UK government is investing $273 million in Isambard-AI, its most powerful AI supercomputer to date.
  • Built by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and powered by NVIDIA GPUs, it will be capable of over 200 quadrillion calculations per second.
  • The supercomputer will be used for testing safety features and driving breakthroughs in drug discovery and clean energy sectors.

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Kamala Harris announces AI Safety Institute to protect American consumers

  • Vice President Kamala Harris has announced the establishment of the United States AI Safety Institute.
  • The institute will create guidelines and best practices for testing potentially dangerous AI systems.
  • The announcement follows President Biden’s executive order on AI development and includes initiatives for responsible military applications of AI.

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UK Music Chief urges Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to use AI Safety Summit to protect music creators and sector’s “fragile” talent pipeline

  • UK Music Interim Chief Executive Tom Kiehl has urged Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to use the AI Safety Summit to protect music creators and the sector’s talent pipeline.
  • Kiehl expressed concerns about AI firms “music laundering” and the need for copyright protection.
  • He emphasized the importance of consent and transparency in AI’s use of music.

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