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This Week in Generative AI – 23rd to 26th October

By October 27, 2023No Comments

Apple to spend $1 billion annually to develop generative AI models

  • Apple plans to invest $1 billion annually in generative artificial intelligence (AI) to compete with tech giants like Google and Microsoft.
  • The company aims to develop its own AI solutions, including a language AI model framework and an in-house chatbot.
  • The investment will also focus on integrating AI into Apple’s ecosystem, including Siri, Messages, and Apple Music.

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Google and Moody’s partner on AI to overhaul financial analysis

  • Google Cloud and Moody’s are partnering to use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve financial data analysis.
  • The collaboration will leverage Google’s gen AI platform, Vertex AI, and Moody’s data to build large language models for financial analysis, offer access to Moody’s datasets via Google Cloud’s BigQuery, and enhance financial data search functions.
  • While the partnership is in its infancy and thus there is no confirmed timeframe around providing data deliverables to end-users, the contact shared that Moody’s data will be available in BigQuery within Q4 2023 or Q1 2024.

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Databricks acquires enterprise data replication specialist Arcion for $100 million

  • Databricks, an analytics and AI firm, is acquiring enterprise data company Arcion for $100 million.
  • Arcion’s data replication technology will be integrated into Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform, enhancing its data processing capabilities.
  • The acquisition follows Databricks’ recent $500 million funding round and its purchases of AI startups MosaicML, Okera, and Rubicon earlier this year.

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Nvidia and Lenovo team up to deliver powerful generative AI hardware in any location

  • Nvidia and Lenovo are partnering to deliver advanced, hybrid computing platforms for generative AI workloads.
  • The collaboration includes new Lenovo systems optimized to run Nvidia’s AI Enterprise software stack.
  • The systems, including the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR675 V3 server and ThinkStation PX workstation, are designed to power AI workloads in any location.

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SK Telecom and Deutsche Telekom partner on telco-specific large language model

  • SK Telecom (SKT) and Deutsche Telekom are partnering to develop a large language model (LLM) tailored for telecom customer service.
  • The project is part of the Global Telco AI Alliance initiative and will involve collaboration with AI firms Anthropic and Meta.
  • The LLM is expected to launch in Q1 2024.

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