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Last Week in Generative AI – 16th to 22nd October

By October 23, 2023No Comments

AWS and IBM expand relationship to bring Generative AI solutions and dedicated expertise to clients

  • AWS and IBM are expanding their partnership to provide generative AI solutions to clients.
  • IBM Consulting plans to train 10,000 consultants on AWS’s generative AI services by 2024.
  • The companies will offer joint solutions, including contact center modernization, platform services, and supply chain management, all enhanced with generative AI capabilities.

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Deloitte launches innovative ‘DARTbot’ internal chatbot

  • Deloitte has launched an internal chatbot, DARTbot, powered by Generative AI to assist its Audit & Assurance professionals.
  • The chatbot, integrated with vast industry datasets, provides real-time guidance and helps navigate complex accounting questions.
  • Deloitte has also ensured robust data security measures for the chatbot, which operates within a secure, self-contained environment.

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NVIDIA and Foxconn partner to announce plans to build an ‘AI Factory’ data center

  • NVIDIA and Foxconn are partnering to build an ‘AI Factory’ data center, aimed at accelerating the development of self-driving electric vehicles, autonomous machines, and language models.
  • The data center will utilize NVIDIA’s high-performance GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip and enterprise software.
  • Foxconn also plans to develop a smart electric vehicle using NVIDIA’s DRIVE Hyperion 9 platform.

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Australian IT and security leaders ‘struggle’ with Generative AI threats

  • A new report by ExtraHop reveals that 74% of Australian IT and security leaders are struggling to manage security risks associated with employee use of generative AI tools.
  • Despite 80% expressing confidence in their current security measures, less than half have invested in technology to monitor generative AI use, and only 45% have relevant policies in place.

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KT Corp and Jasmine Group partner to develop Thai language-based LLM service

  • South Korean mobile carrier KT Corp and Thailand’s Jasmine Group are partnering to develop a Thai language-based AI model for Southeast Asia.
  • KT will provide technology from its upcoming AI service, Mi:dm, while Jasmine will analyze the regional market and build a GPU farm for computational power.
  • The collaboration aims to tap into the growing $7.65 billion AI market by 2030.

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