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This Week in Generative AI – 12th to 18th August

By August 22, 2023May 21st, 2024No Comments

Amazon Introduces AI-Generated Customer Review Highlights and Summaries

  • Amazon has introduced a new feature that uses generative AI to summarise customer reviews, saving time for shoppers. 
  • The AI-generated summaries highlight key product attributes and sentiments, allowing customers to make informed decisions. 
  • This move reflects the growing competition in the AI race among companies like Microsoft, Google, and Meta.

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OpenAI Touts GPT-4 For Content Moderation

  • OpenAI claims that its GPT-4 model can effectively perform the role of human content moderators, offering improved accuracy and consistency without the emotional toll. 
  • While more skilled than the best human moderators, the system can handle various tasks in content moderation, reducing the need for a large number of human moderators. 
  • AI is seen as a potential solution to misinformation challenges but presents new challenges in generating unwanted content. Social media companies already rely on AI technologies for content scanning.

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Bing Chat AI Powered by GPT-4 Faces Quality Issues; Microsoft Responds

  • Users have reported a decline in the performance of GPT-4 powered Bing Chat AI, with the AI often failing to answer questions or provide helpful responses. 
  • Microsoft has acknowledged the feedback and plans to make changes. 
  • Users have shared their experiences on Reddit, highlighting issues with the AI’s responses.

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Saudi Arabia Acquires 3,000 Nvidia GPUs To Own Open Source LLMs, UAE Buys Thousands

  • Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Kaust) has purchased 3,000 Nvidia H100 chips, each worth around $40,000, while the UAE has acquired “thousands” of Nvidia GPUs. 
  • Both countries are developing generative AI applications, with the UAE also creating its open-source language model.

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RealPage Deploying Gen AI to Speed Leasing Process

  • RealPage, a revenue management platform, has partnered with Microsoft, Google, and other chatbot makers to use their Gen AI technology. 
  • The company is training the bots to speed up the leasing process.

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