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This Week in Generative AI – 29th July to 4th August

By August 4, 2023May 21st, 2024No Comments

China Bans ChatGPT as Tech Fears Grow

  • China has banned ChatGPT and may extend the ban to other AI apps, citing concerns about deep synthesis technologies and generative AI services. 
  • The government requires all forms of DST to have a license to operate in China.
  • The move raises questions about China’s stance on AI and its rivalry with the US.

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GPT-3 AI Demonstrates College-Level Reasoning Abilities

  • Researchers at UCLA have discovered that the GPT-3 AI model demonstrates reasoning abilities comparable to college students. 
  • GPT-3 outperformed human participants in solving shape prediction problems and SAT analogies but struggled with analogies based on short stories. 
  • The findings have implications for AI and education, and further research is needed to understand GPT-3’s internal workings.

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Alibaba Releases Open-Sourced AI Model Similar to Meta’s Llama 2

  • Alibaba’s cloud computing unit has released two open-sourced AI models, Qwen-7B and Qwen-7B-Chat, with 7 billion parameters each. 
  • This move is a response to Meta’s recent unveiling of a similar open-sourced model called Llama 2.

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Google Revealed Plans to Reorganise its Assistant Unit to Prioritise AI

  • Google is reorganising its Assistant unit to prioritise advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and integrate large language model (LLM) technology into its voice-powered software. 
  • The reorganisation includes organisational changes and layoffs, focusing on delivering exceptional user experiences and remaining competitive in the market. 

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Adobe Staff Fear Huge Job Losses Due to its Firefly AI

  • Adobe staff are concerned that the company’s new Firefly generative AI tools could lead to job losses for graphic designers and artists. 
  • There are also fears that AI technology could cannibalise Adobe’s own business.
  • Similar concerns have been raised by staff at other AI development organisations.

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