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Powering Insight for the IT service management industry

AMPLYFI’s AI software enables IT service management organisation, Service Desk Institute (SDI) to monitor markets for trends in their relevant fields.

Established in 1988, Service Desk Institute (SDI) stands as a globally recognized authority in empowering service desk and support teams. With a rich legacy of over 30 years, SDI has been instrumental in nurturing brilliance within thousands of organisations and professionals worldwide. SDI’s unwavering commitment lies in facilitating transformational journeys, guiding companies to shape the future of their service operations across the globe.

The integration of AMPLYFI’s AI-powered market intelligence platform has super charged SDI's market intelligence activities, enabling us to drive thought leadership, strategic decision-making, and customer-centric initiatives more effectively."

David Wright, Chief Value & Innovation Officer


SDI, a leading global professional body, faced multifaceted challenges in their continuous efforts to guide and enhance service desk and support teams globally.

They encountered difficulties in:

  • Staying Updated: Keeping abreast of market trends, technology advancements, and competitor movements.
  • Thought Leadership: Developing relevant and timely thought leadership content to engage their audience.
  • Understanding Customer Needs: Gaining comprehensive insights into customer preferences, pain points, and changing demands.

The fragmented location of of this content and undeveloped methods to synthesise and leverage at scale, SDI were able to seek the support of AMPLYFI’s market intelligence capabilities to harvest, analyse, tag and manage relevant content on a 24/7 hour basis


To tackle these challenges comprehensively, SDI integrated an AI-powered market intelligence platform into their operations.

Leveraging this technology, SDI implemented the following solutions:

  • Technology Horizon Scanning: The AI platform facilitated continuous monitoring and analysis of emerging technologies, enabling SDI to predict industry trends and anticipate future service desk requirements.
  • Market Monitoring: Through real-time data aggregation and analysis, SDI tracked market shifts, and evolving industry standards, aiding in strategy formulation and differentiation.
  • Customer Monitoring and Marketing: Utilising AI-powered analytics, SDI gained deeper insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and satisfaction levels. This empowered them to tailor their marketing strategies and services to meet evolving customer needs.


Implementing the AI-powered market intelligence platform led to several impactful outcomes for SDI with approximately 350,000* machine-read documents and 60,000* documents synthesised to make evidence-based business decisions and guide business activity:

  • Enhanced Thought Leadership: SDI was able to generate thought-provoking and timely content, positioning themselves as industry leaders and increasing engagement with their audience.
  • Improved Strategic Decision-Making: The real-time insights provided by the AI platform enabled SDI to make informed decisions, ensuring alignment with market demands 
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: With a deeper understanding of customer preferences and pain points, SDI could personalise their services, leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention.
*1 year period

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