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Security & Compliance

Last updated: May 9th, 2024.

At AMPLYFI, the security of your data is our top priority. Our stringent security and compliance measures ensure that all the data flows within our system are safe, secure, and in adherence with industry standard regulations.

What We Store

User Details

We store full user names and emails for identification, communication and service delivery. These are stored securely using our service provider, Auth0. 

Application Data

To be able to deliver our service effectively, we store application data. All application data is entered into the AMPLYFI platform by either yourself or your users. Application data includes:

  1. Organisations: Organisations that you are monitoring within the platform
  2. Technologies: Technologies that you are monitoring within the platform
  3. Signal Types: Specific signals that you would like to be alerted to
  4. Sales Value Proposition: A value proposition to tailor your generative outreach
  5. Personas: A user persona to personalise features such as insight generation
  6. Threads: Questions and answers to your research conversation threads
  7. Reports: In-depth research outputs

All application data is stored within the AMPLYFI cloud environment on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The data is stored in an encrypted database (AES encryption, 256-bit keys with annual key rotation).

Generative Data

User inputs are sent directly to OpenAI and Microsoft Azure for processing. These providers do not use your data for training. However, both retain data for a short period of time to carry out automated checks, if required.

See OpenAI/Microsoft Azure below for more details.

User Analytics & Logs

User analytics and system logs are captured to keep the system functioning and secure, identifying user access requests, usage metrics, and ensuring the AMPLYFI platform is functioning as expected. Analytics and log data is stored and processed securely by Auth0, Datadog, Pendo, and Google Analytics.

Our Service Providers

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services serves as AMPLYFI’s primary hosting solution, storage, and computing platform. Operating within AWS allows our customers to benefit from the most comprehensive security capabilities, which are continuously managed by the AMPLYFI team.

Read the following for further information regarding Data Security and Compliance on AWS.


We utilise Auth0, a leading identity management platform, for secure login and personal information storage. Auth0 provides a highly secure environment that protects user credentials through features like anomaly detection, and cybersecurity threat intelligence. It helps ensure the secure handling and confidentiality of our users’ personally identifiable information.

For further information please see Security, Privacy & Compliance from Auth0.


AMPLYFI utilises OpenAI’s Enterprise capabilities to facilitate high-quality content generation, enhancing our overall service delivery.

For further information, see Enterprise privacy at OpenAI.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is used by AMPLYFI to facilitate the management of OpenAI Enterprise capabilities.

See Microsoft’s Data, privacy, and security for Azure OpenAI Service.


For monitoring, logging, and understanding our application performance, we use Datadog. Its comprehensive observability platform helps us analyse and optimise our services, providing real-time insights into system performance and user activities. This is crucial for maintaining high-functioning infrastructure and a seamless user experience.

To understand more about Datadog’s platform security, visit their Security Trust Center.

Google Analytics

To optimise site performance and improve user experience, we leverage Google Analytics. It provides us with detailed insights into user behaviour, usage patterns, and preferences, enabling us to align our services better with our users’ needs.

See Google’s documentation regarding Safeguarding your data on Google Analytics.


Pendo is a useful tool for us in understanding, delivering and improving the digital experiences of our users. Through analysis of user behaviour, Pendo ensures we deliver a user-focused product, adding value to every interaction.

See how Pendo handles Data Privacy & Security.


Userflow allows us to offer onboarding, training, announcements and support within the AMPLYFI product.

For further information, see Userflow’s Security and Privacy Policy.


AMPLYFI are fully compliant with global standards and regulations, including:

  1. GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation
  2. ISO9001: Quality Management Certification
  3. ISO27001: Information Security Management Certification
  4. Cyber Essentials: Ensuring good business practice, protecting against cyber threats
  5. Penetration Testing: Annual external penetration testing to ensure robust security from external threat actors
  6. AWS Well-Architected Framework: We align our infrastructure with best practices, ensuring robust, efficient, and secure solutions for our clients
  7. CIS Benchmark: Maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance in our operations

Access to your data is strictly restricted to authorised members of the AMPLYFI team as needed to provide our services. Rest assured, your data is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality at AMPLYFI.