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[Report] So You Need a Generative AI Strategy?

By February 8, 2024May 3rd, 2024No Comments

GenAI Strategies for Executives

Insights for 2024 Onwards

FREE report for decision-makers tasked with developing GenAI strategies.

“We Need a Gen-AI Strategy” …is a phrase that has likely been repeated in global boardrooms quite frequently in the last 18 months.  AI in general has been a spectre hanging over industry, offering both opportunities and threats, in the same way that “the internet” did in the mid-90s. But what to do about it?

Our latest research report provides decision-makers tasked with developing these strategies an overview of the current state of Generative AI – dominant and emerging use cases and risks, key players and the themes driving the next phase of the space.

What you’ll find in the report

  • How to develop your GenAI strategy
  • Who are the key and emerging players, and who to partner with
  • The most popular and emerging use cases
  • Ethical and legal risks often associated with GenAI, in particular Intellectual Property
  • GenAI strategies you can implement today

Background and Methodology

  • Free 30-page Report, detailing a deep-dive into Generative AI
  • Findings based on over 55k analysed documents, spanning January 2018 – present
  • Information sources include the deep web, gold-standard news, academic papers and expert opinion blogs.

AI technology is revolutionising the business landscape. Yet the majority of large-scale enterprises are still in the early stages of adoption. This report will help you identify strategic opportunities, equip you to stay ahead of the curve and help you build your company’s AI vision for growth.

GenAI report

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