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Navigating Information Overload: The Dawn of a New Era of Data

By December 8, 2023January 4th, 2024No Comments

We surveyed 1500 decision makers in the UK to understand the cost of searching for information.

Businesses rely on knowledge, regardless of industry. However, thanks to the ever-expanding world wide web, so many have now been left with an ‘information paradox’: they need access to more information to be better in their role, however, the more time they spend researching, the less time they spend doing their job.

The reality of this is that every year the average business is wasting £4.4 million searching for information.

Our latest research uncovers the truth about the limitations of existing knowledge-gathering methods, quantifies the true cost of poor processes on the business, and paves the way for a new era of information gathering.

3% of turnover – the yearly average cost for businesses due to poor access to information

Why download the report?

  • Free 20-page Report, Backed by 1500 Interviews and Hundreds of Hours of Analysis
  • Fresh, unique 2023 Data Set that can Inform your Market Intelligence, Content & Insights Strategies
  • Discover the true and hidden cost of searching for information in your organisation

What you’ll learn

  • The limitations of existing knowledge-gathering methods
  • The true cost of information sourcing to organisations
  • How advanced AI tools are transforming the future of business intelligence
Navigating Information Overload report

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Lee Eccleshare

Head of Research at AMPLYFI