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Competitive Analysis of Shipping Companies with regards to Low-Carbon Marine Fuels

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A sample research report

This document focuses on the competitive analysis of Shipping Companies through the lens of “Low-Carbon Marine Fuels” for XYZ Shipping Inc. – a global logistic provider, challenging for the top 10 in the world by the size of its fleet of vessels.

By 2035, XYZ Shipping aims to be the global leader in the use of green and low-carbon marine fuels across their fleet of vessels. As well as the obvious environmental benefits, the aim is to step past incoming regulatory pressure and provide opportunities to grow faster than rivals. In order to succeed it is important that the progress of XYZ’s competitors towards the same low-carbon vision is understood and actions are taken to advance XYZ’s objectives.

This report makes several Key Recommendations for the Board of XYZ Shipping Inc., based on the Analysis of over 36,000 Documents across the topics of Low Carbon Marine Fuels and the Maritime Industry. This report is structured into three Key Sections, all of which support the recommendations and are based on a comprehensive document library. It provides a Competitor Landscape, Deep Dives into three Key Competitors (Maersk, CMA, Nippon Yusen) and Comparisons of those rivals based on Emerging Technology Pathways supporting Low Carbon agendas (Methanol, Hydrogen, LPG, LNG, Ammonia).

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Report structure:

  • Executive Summary – 1-3 Pages designed to be used as briefing materials with senior stakeholders, including our Analysts Recommendations
  • Methodology – A walkthrough of the process that we use to derive insights and how we arrive at our recommendations
  • Market Landscape – In this section we will use the entire analysis library to derive insight at the industry level, discover the players, events, technologies and geographies driving change
  • Competitor Deep Dive – In this section we explore three Competitors in more depth through the lens of our Topics. For each competitor we break down the Content, Timeline, Topic Connection and Topic Ranking.
  • Competitor Ranking – In this section we use the Deep Dives to directly compare the competitors to each other, and to find the interesting contrasts in strategies, positions and actions.