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Competitive Analysis of Shipping Companies with Regards to Low-Carbon Marine Fuels

By November 22, 2022September 7th, 2023No Comments

This document focuses on the Competitive Analysis of Shipping Companies through the lens of “Low-Carbon Marine Fuels”.

This report makes several Key Recommendations based on the Analysis of over 36,000 documents across the topics of Low Carbon Marine Fuels and the Maritime Industry. The report is structured into three Key Sections, all of which support the recommendations and is based on a comprehensive document library, providing:

  • A Competitor Landscape
  • Deep Dives into three Key Competitors (Maersk, CMA, Nippon Yusen)
  • Comparisons of those rivals based on Emerging Technology Pathways supporting Low Carbon agendas (Methanol, Hydrogen, LPG, LNG, Ammonia)

Insights from the Report include:

  • Climate change – Climate Change appears to be the primary driving force in this Analysis.
  • Discussion of green marine fuels had started to decline pre-2020, but the need to innovate post-COVID has reawakened discussion.
  • The most commonly referenced low-carbon fuel is hydrogen, especially green hydrogen, which is three times more prevalent than blue and grey hydrogen combined.
  • Maersk, BP and Shell are the dominant commercial players in this discussion.