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Scaling Towards Gender Equality

By September 22, 2022September 29th, 2022No Comments

Gender diversity creates a more representative, healthier and more effective culture within any team or organisation.

At AMPLYFI we are at the beginning of our journey towards gender equality. We have created an e-book that not only lays out our intentions and attitude, but also looks to help others to bring about similar change.

As with all the objectives we set, we are going to be unashamedly ambitious and are targeting female gender balance across the company of 50% within three years.

As a startup, it is important that we are setting those goals now, because we need to lay the foundations for achieving them as we grow as a company. If we do not start addressing the issue of gender equality now when we are a small company, it will be much, much harder to achieve those goals when we are five times the size.

The e-book explores approaches that lay the foundations for embedding gender equality into the core of a growing business. These approaches aim to enable grassroots actions and initiatives to flourish, developed and propelled by the people who will grow with the business. These initiatives can and should be done in parallel and in conjunction with more formal policies and practices coming from HR.

“Equality is not just the right thing to do. It’s smart economics. How can an economy achieve full potential if it ignores, sidelines, or fails to invest in half its population?”

- Robert Zoellick, former President of the World Bank

Meet the Author – Lucy Young – Head of SaaS Delivery

Lucy leads AMPLYFI’s Software as a Service (SaaS) Delivery team, working with customers to deploy and maximise their use of our powerful AI technologies. She has worked within the field of innovation for many years, helping global organisations to develop future-looking strategies that take advantage of emerging technologies.

Continuing the conversation

We’re hosting a webinar on October 19th continuing the conversation from this e-book, exploring research from our AI platform into trends around gender equality in the news, as well as discussing approaches companies can take to embed gender equality into their practises.

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