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White Paper: Extracting Insight from Unstructured Data

By September 2, 2022 No Comments

Using Machines to Research, Analyse & Monitor Big, Unstructured Data-Sets

The story so far:

The global datasphere (all data in existence) has doubled almost 10 times over the last 12 years, but organisations are struggling to leverage this resource

95% of data stored by organisations is unstructured - not in a single, organised format - and only 2% is accessed after the first use

The Deep Web is estimated to be 500X larger than the Surface Web, and is not indexed by consumer search engines

Machine Analysis is a growing area of scientific and commercial interest and could save organisations up to 50% of knowledge worker’s time

Organisations that don’t leverage data are falling behind. Specifically in unstructured data lies vast, and largely untapped, value. At AMPLYFI we have made this area of complex, unstructured data our home, developing a comprehensive research platform that delivers unique insights by connecting data at scale.

As corporations have started to wake up to this change, the most frequent question we are asked here at AMPLYFI is: how can companies inform strategic decisions using unstructured data?

Download our white paper to explore:

  • The growth of data as it stands today.
  • Deriving value from big, unstructured datasets.
  • How you can inform strategic desicisons using data.
  • Common pitfalls of trying to leverage unstructured data in commercial contexts and how best to avoid them.