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Trend Analysis of Emerging Technologies

By January 27, 2022September 6th, 2023No Comments

Can Trends in Document Publications Assess the Development of Emerging Technologies?

In this e-book, you will discover:

  • AMPLYFI’s model to identify technology maturity by looking at the publication of different documents over time
  • Deep-dive analysis with the model in action from AMPLYFI’s Head of Research into three exciting payments-related technologies.

Meet The Author – Dr. Lee Eccleshare – Head of Research

In his role as a Head of Research, Lee leverages AMPLYFI’s technologies to better inform clients before they make strategically important decisions. In the past, Lee has worked in the petrochemical sector providing data-driven strategic insight to the world’s leading oil majors. Lee is also a published author within scientific journals, and holds a PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry.

About the project

In the modern world, new and disruptive technologies are emerging on a constant basis. With the COVID-19 pandemic predicted to have sped up the adoption of digital technologies by up to ten years, understanding the development and readiness for use of new technologies is of vital importance. Correctly understanding an emerging technology’s maturity provides insight into its trajectory of development, helping to map its readiness for operation, and indicate any trends, opportunities or risks in development patterns. Whilst mature technologies are fully developed without any immediate faults, how can we accurately build a picture of a new and emerging technology’s maturity?

Using traditional methods, assessments of technology maturity are usually difficult and require a reasonable benchmark of specific sector and technology expertise. However, in a new research project, AMPLYFI has applied analysis of document publications to transform existing methods of assessing emerging technology maturity. This method of assigning technology maturity doesn’t assume any expert knowledge of the technology in question and instead relies on publication records in Academic papers, Patents and News Media.

Discover the analysis from AMPLYFI’s Head of Research, Lee Eccleshare, in our latest e-book with a deepdive into the method and an example of some findings on three exciting payment related technologies, which vary in levels of maturity.