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Last week, we shared our analysis of public sentiment across the UK’s four capital cities on the hot topic of the re-opening of pubs. Using artificial intelligence, we analysed social media posts and blogs within a 10-mile radius of each city’s center. At the time, with England being the first nation to allow pubs, bars, and restaurants to re-open for outdoor service only, the results indicated social media sentiment in London to be the most positive. 

Following yesterday’s announcement by Mark Drakeford, the First Minister of Wales, that the date to allow hospitality venues to provide indoor service will be bought forward to 17th May, we compare the current mood in Cardiff with that recorded last week.

Opposition parties have accused Mr. Drakeford of using the COVID-19 rule change announcement as an electioneering tactic during the Welsh Parliament election campaign. If this is true, the swing that we observe from last week’s broadly neutral-to-negative sentiment to today’s overwhelmingly positive result suggests that this might prove to be a very successful ploy.  

“Pubs Re-Opening” Social Media Sentiment – Cardiff 15/04/2021

“Pubs Re-Opening” Social Media Sentiment – Cardiff 23/04/2021