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Machine Learning platform identifies overlooked Chinese AI companies

By March 30, 2021No Comments

The project, delivered by the UK AI business AMPLYFI, in collaboration with the Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET) at Georgetown University, provides fresh insight into AI ecosystems, identifying Chinese AI companies overlooked in leading commercial datasets. 

As the AI global investment race speeds up, the new research could provide policymakers with increased insights into global activities in AI and beyond. By leveraging Chinese documents harvested from the “Deep Web”, AMPLYFI produced an “AI score” for company activities, quantifying the degree to which an organisation is involved in the development of AI, or adopting it into their business operations.

This project automatically processed the full text of Chinese-language web data, news articles, and other forms of unstructured textual data sources to identify AI-relevant business activity. This represents an advance over relying on the structured databases that are currently available and paves the way for new types of analysis.  

Dewey Murdick, Director of Data Science at CSET said: “AI has rapidly moved from the research lab to the production line and it is essential to understand where and how AI is being applied within China, the United States, and countries around the world. We look forward to continuing our work with AMPLYFI on this critical issue.”

Chris Ganje, CEO at AMPLYFI, the UK Insight Automation Platform that delivered the findings, said that access to more representative data was key for any future investment strategy: “Organisations that are making decisions without considering the value of unstructured and deep-web data are ‘flying blind’ and may not be aware of the huge steps forward in the abilities of machines to read, analyse and support strategic decision making. We were delighted to have supported CSET on this project and are excited to continue to demonstrate the power of our platform to extract value from this vast untapped online resource.”

In the future, the team plans to expand on this initial effort. The project has already seen significant advancements in AMPLYFI’s own Insights Automation Platform, which continues to explore investment events and AI industry classification. In an AI market with investment figures set to reach $191 billion by 2025– the platform is a valuable resource for policymakers and investors alike.

CSET is a policy research organisation within Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service which produces data-driven research at the intersection of security and technology. They seek to prepare a new generation of decision-makers to address the challenges and opportunities of emerging technologies, currently focusing on the effects of progress in AI, advanced computing and biotechnology.

Based in Washington D.C, Georgetown University is a leading research institution. Founded in 1789. The Walsh School of Foreign Service is one of the world’s leading international affairs schools. Notable alumni include U.S president Bill Clinton, and former CIA director George Tenet.