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Alerts That Drive
Valuable Actions

Save thousands of hours of reading time with an AI Monitoring tool that cares about your inbox.

Monitor anything that interests you, from Customers to Competitors, Technologies to Topics.
Updated with content from around the web, covering company websites, news, blogs, academic research…
Save time reading with AI filtered alerts that focus on the mentions that matter

Help your team find interesting changes with less effort.

It starts with a 15-minute demo.

All the Content You Could Ever Read

Build your own unique fingerprint of content from thousands of sources across the web:

  • Company Websites
  • News & RSS Feeds
  • Scientific Papers

Filter to What Matters

Use our AI to filter out the noise and boost the signals that matter to you:

  • 9.8m Recognised Organisations
  • Over 60k Technology Topics
  • Easily add your own Interests

Read Less, Know More

Spend 5 minutes daily on the mentions that move the needle for you:

  • Simple alerts in your inbox
  • Mention-by-mention analysis
  • AI deduplication & prioritisation

Feature Overview

Simple to Onboard & Setup

Streamlined User Experience and pro-active customer success.

Track Any Organsiation or Topic

9.8m Organisations, over 60k Technologies and tools to add anything missed.

AI Powered Content Filters

Reduced noise with topic filters, location mentions, prioritisation and deduplication.

Mention by Mention Analysis

Every document is read, analysed and stored down to a single mention level.

Single Sign On & Authentication

Sign on in a click and respect all authentication permissions from connected sources.

Go Deeper On Trends

Find more insights by passing Monitoring content to our Analysis tools.

Stay on top of the changes that matter to you.

Speak with our Expert Team to get started.