Winning New Business


AMPLYFI insights allow you to be proactive with your existing and prospective customers by identifying the opportunities and risks impacting their businesses, helping you to shape impactful solutions. Go deeper and uncover previously unseen connections between individuals and entities that allows you to approach new customers aided by knowledge of their existing relationships.  

AMPLYFI products give me insights that none of my competitors have.

I’ve enriched my KYC activities and tripled the value I give to my existing customers and can offer to prospective ones.

The AMPLYFI Solution

AMPLYFI’s AI-based methodologies truly enhance the prospecting experience. Combining surface and deep web harvesting with proprietary big data analytics, AMPLYFI products identify and quantify thousands of variables that feed into unique assessment metrics and rank new high growth opportunities.


Define your own criteria to trawl the deep web for new prospects and opportunities.


Augment existing metrics with the latest AI-driven and natural-language-processing assessments.


Discover ‘needle-in-a-haystack’ prospects, find where connections exist and use a range of metrics to learn about your target.


Use AMPLYFI insights to identify business challenges and opportunities, enabling you to proactively create customer solutions.