Competitor Intelligence


Automate the process of competitor intelligence and market monitoring with AMPLYFI’s AI-based technologies. Using the latest intelligence gathered from every corner of the internet, AMPLYFI enables continuous monitoring of the key players in your market and its emerging disrupters.

I’ve never had such clear oversight of the market before.

It was about time for a revolution in competitor intelligence – this is a very welcome product.

The Amplyfi Solution

AMPLYFI goes deeper to analyse the abundance of big data in the surface and deep web. Using its advanced AI capabilities, AMPLYFI gives a fresh perspective on the external business environment and enriches strategic decision making.


Automatically find information about your competitors and market using AI.


Deep web harvesting uncovers early signals ‑ long before they are common knowledge.


Machine learning identifies trends and discovers unseen connections.


Recognise risks and opportunities early and stay ahead of your competition.