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Feed Your Roadmaps

Help your Product & Innovation teams to consume more interesting content and spark change that creates growth.

Enable Your Change Makers

Drive a more strategic approach to the flow of information in just 15-minutes.

Product & Innovation

Consume all the content that matters in a single tool covering Competitors, Technologies, and Regulations.

Monitor Your Competition

Never get caught out when a rival, large or small, takes something to market:

  • Curate hundreds of sources from the web, news, PR, science, patents…and more
  • Alert to product rumors, announcements, and reviews
  • Combine competitor segments in a single analysis to better understand trends

Find the Next Big Technology

Scan the horizons for opportunity and disruption outside of the bounds of your own expertise:

  • Develop baseline understanding with less effort
  • Build technology landscapes that prioritise readiness
  • Track and monitor for changes in maturity

Better Understand Regulations

Conduct full life cycle analysis of regulatory impact:

  • Blend official and unofficial sources
  • Monitor for tangential impacts globally
  • Get ahead of the curve on compliance and standards

Tools that Work for Building Impactful Roadmaps


Understand topics faster by combining results across internal, external, and specialist sources.


Keep track of every competitor, technology with succinct updates that care about your inbox.


Explore deeper patterns and trends to unearth insights that power better Roadmap decisions.

React Earlier and with more Conviction

If you aren't your rivals might, see for yourself in a 15 minute demo.