Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

Predictive research, development and production.

AMPLYFI helps the pharmaceutical industry with:

  • Horizon Scanning

  • Research & Development

  • Production & Manufacturing

  • Marketing & Brand Awareness

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Horizon Scanning

Understand the landscape of medicine and emerging needs.

The demand on pharmaceutical businesses is always changing. Both the emerging requirements of medicine and the development roadmap of the competition need to be continuously assessed. AMPLYFI can help understand the space.

Competitive Analysis

DataVoyant Analyse uses the entire internet and AI to identify key topics of interest, what activities are happening, where in the world are they happening and which companies are involved – 24/7. 

Emerging Threats

Recognise emerging risks to public health – even pandemics. DataVoyant Analyse can identify weak signals that can indicate risk and provide data to support, allowing pharmaceutical companies to redirect resources.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Combine the capabilities of emerging threat detection and competitive analysis in DataVoyant Analyse and use DataVoyant Companies to assess identified businesses for potential M&A engagements.

Case Study

COVID-19 Tracker

Start typing any query into a search engine right now and you will see suggested questions which relate to coronavirus, the cases, lockdown etc. We understand exactly why people would want to be fully informed in a time of crisis.

Unfortunately, sources can contradict one another. Trending articles are read more, further increasing how much they trend, which shoots them to the top of many searches and this has led to the spread of misinformation and even conspiracy theories.

Go to the COVID-19 Tracker

At AMPLYFI, we have customised our reporting agent Stream to bring global information relating specifically to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic into a single, readily accessible platform.

We use a number of AI techniques (NLP, unsupervised learning, pattern recognition etc.) to analyse and extract insight from across a range of news, social media, academia, patents and other relevant online sources as well as from our own AI-based research platform, DataVoyant. This enables the dashboard to update every 10 minutes to bring you the very latest and most relevant information.

Research & Development

Accelerated and productive R&D

Research can be a costly effort for pharmaceuticals and early stages can be particularly inefficient and expensive. AMPLYFI can improve data collection, analysis and drive insight.

Accelerated research

DeepResearch allows analysts to search the entire web, including industry specific journals. Results can be filtered based on suggested topics to quickly locate appropriate documentation.

Secure development

Unlike traditional search engines, any research conducted using DeepResearch is completely private, protecting corporate IP and development investments.

Competitive awareness

Map key topics of R&D to a heat map in DataVoyant Analyse to compare your own activities, patents, news mentions and published papers to those of the competition.

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Production & Manufacturing

Advanced, efficient and de-risked production

With the emergence of smart factories, API Printing and many other technologies, it is essential to understand and adopt the best production techniques to meet demand and improve margins.

Stay ahead of manufacturing techniques

Use DataVoyant Analyse to deliver AI-driven search & assessment of the internet to identify emerging manufacturing trends and global areas of adoption.

Continuously assess your supply chain

Pharmaceutical business rely on countless other companies to supply ingredients, logistics and services. DataVoyant Companies can monitor those businesses and alert against activities that could indicate risk in the supply chain.

Predict demand to improve supply

DataVoyant Analyse will continuously look for signals that could indicate changes to public health, the development of new viruses and the emergence of new technologies. Use this insight to make intelligent decisions around the production and regulation of pharmaceutical drugs and equipment.

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Marketing & Brand Awareness

Know your market and your brand

Brand perception is important in the highly competitive pharmaceutical world. Use AMPLYFI’s portfolio to ensure your business is associated with being cutting edge, environmentally friendly and the industry leader. 

Stay ahead of market trends

Use DataVoyant Analyse to be first to learn of new potential game changers such as wearable devices, use of IoT in medical treatment and technologies that haven’t been thought of yet!

Improved customer conversations

Combine the AI-driven insight from DataVoyant Analyse with the ability to capture those results in a real-time dashboard with Stream, so your team can have more meaningful conversations.

Publicly available information

Showcase your business as a sector leader for information by publishing analysis to the web with Stream. At AMPLYFI, we have developed a COVID-19 Tracker to do exactly this!

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We work with the world's largest organisations.

AMPLYFI is used by global banks and other large businesses.

"For the first time in the history of the Internet, scientists and citizens alike can search distant and remote national scientific databases in real time and receive precise, relevance-ranked results in seconds. No other search engine can do this because these databases reside in the “deep web” where traditional search engines generally cannot reach."

Ray Orbach — Former Under Secretary of United States

We work with the world's largest organisations.

AMPLYFI is used by global banks and other large businesses.

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