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Monitor Whole Markets with Less Effort

Consume all the content that matters in a single tool covering Customers, Competitors, Technologies, and Topics.

Serve Your Whole Organisation

Drive a more strategic approach to the flow of information in just 15-minutes.

AI-Powered Market Monitoring

Produce all the insights your stakeholders could ever need in less time than you currently spend.

Monitor Your Competition

Never get caught out when a rival, large or small, takes something to market:

  • Curate hundreds of sources from the web, news, PR, science, patents…and more
  • Alert to product rumors, announcements, and reviews
  • Combine competitor segments in a single analysis to better understand trends

Find the Next Big Technology

Scan the horizons for opportunity and disruption outside of the bounds of your own expertise:

  • Develop baseline understanding with less effort
  • Build technology landscapes that prioritise readiness
  • Track and monitor for changes in maturity

Better Understand Your Key Topics

From regulations to product categories, producing flexible market insights:

  • Select the sources that matter to you
  • AI-powered filters that reduce noise
  • Automatically summarised

React Earlier and with more Conviction

If you aren't your rivals might, see for yourself in a 15 minute demo.