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Technology With Impact

“[Amplyfi] allows relationship managers to draw on a wealth of unstructured information from the deep web, providing them with unique intelligence on sectoral risks, trends and opportunities.”

NatWest GroupCredit Portfolio Lead

“AMPLYFI is bringing the investment process into the 21st century, we are really excited about the platform they have built. Using their tools to automate analysis of the huge amounts of unstructured data from the deep-web, gives any decision-maker a real edge.”

QBN CapitalAndy Tung, Managing Partner

"Amplyfi has given us a distinct competitive advantage. We’re now able to understand connections between relationships and events which has allowed us to make quantifiable equity decisions."

Alliance BankHead of Investments

“I spent over an hour on search engines researching a change in regulation for a customer and found it inside 5 minutes with Amplyfi”

RBSAnon. User

“We were able to accurately predict closure of a Ford factory site nine months ahead of it being announced using Amplyfi”

RBSAnon. User

“We uncovered a fraudulent activity via a website we hadn’t previously found on regular search engines. Amplyfi surfaced it straight away and we exited the relationship”.

RBSAnon. User

What can you do with Amplyfi?

From M&A to Investment Management, Securities Analysis to Investment Funds, we can sharpen your edge.

Find Signals Earlier

Spot emerging signals from over 2 million papers, patents and business documents, before they become news.

Automated Research

Quickly build tailored shortlists of interesting entities and connect them with documentation across news, patents and scientific papers.

Effortless Due Diligence

Automatically see connections between topics, organisations, people & locations to build a fuller due-diligence picture.

The Full Picture

Find rich information on companies outside of the Fortune 500, in countries with unreliable data and markets that are changing rapidly.

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Automation for Investment Insights

We super-charge your research & analysis functions with an intuitive, cost-effective online platform.

Search 400 internal & external sources, with one click.

Automated insights from over 100 million documents.