The world’s data at your fingertips.

Analyse global data to gain unprecedented insights. Our products are used by government agencies across:

  • Security

  • Trade & Industry

  • Digital Transformation

  • Public Policy

Case Study: Using Unstructured Data to Fill Gaps in Chinese AI Market Data

AMPLYFI, working with the Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET) at Georgetown University, used our Insights Automation Platform and unstructured data from the deep web, to identify more Artificial Intelligence companies in China, than were identified by structured data-sets.

Trade & Industry

Economic opportunities and future-proofing.

  • What will tomorrow’s economies look like? 
  • How will new technologies impact our lives? 
  • What are the futures of work, trade, health and wellbeing?
    What new skills will we all require? 
  • How should we invest today for a successful future?

Government agencies use DeepInsight to bring clarity to these complex questions. By identifying and amplifying weak signals they can spot the emergence of new trends, measure their evolution over time, and plan for a successful future.

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Case Study: Trade & Industry

How do you equip a workforce with the skills of the future?

Singapore’s buoyant economy is powered by its highly skilled workforce from all over the world. Skills Future Singapore is a government agency which researches the future skills and capabilities required by Singapore’s workforce to keep their economy performing. 

Skills Future Singapore collaborated with AMPLYFI to conduct research using DataVoyant. Focusing on healthcare, information technology and communications they identified drivers of change, and the key skill requirements of tomorrow.

Based on this research Skills Future Singapore commissioned a program of new adult learning resources, and mapped the key skills to specific geographies, identifying global centres of excellence for each key skill set.

Digital Transformation

Search and access hundreds of data sources all in one place.

Provide a single point of access to search across multiple information sources in multiple languages. Include public information, subscription content, and internal documents. Make results public, or manage access as required.

Include hard-to-read content

DeepResearch uses AI to extract meaningful content from all forms of text documents, including translating and reading foreign language documents.

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Case Study: Digital Transformation

How do you share scientific information at a scale that impacts the whole world? is the United States Government Science Portal. The portal offers free access to R&D results and scientific information from across 13 US federal agencies.

DeepResearch powers by searching over 60 databases and over 2,200 scientific websites to provide users with access to more than 200 million pages of authoritative federal science information including research and development results.


“ experienced 6.5 million search queries across all its scientific databases and 2.6 million page views of its website.”

Report to U.S. CongressImplementation of The E-Government Act of 2002

Public Policy

Evidence-based policy making and assessment.

Determine the impact of policy and assess the value of investments. Unify and analyse a world of structured and unstructured information including news, media, academic publications, the blogosphere and financial reports. Measure the evolution of topic significance and public sentiment over time. 

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Case Study: Public Policy

How do you know if your public health campaign is hitting the mark?

The Northern Ireland Audit Office applied AI to establish the value delivered by their investment in a diabetes public health campaign.

Collaborating with AMPLYFI they used DataVoyant to measure the evolving significance of their public health information over time. Analysing a vast corpus of structured and unstructured public information they successfully quantified the impact of their campaign and demonstrated its impact and value.

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