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AMPLYFI’s customers benefit from long range visibility of emerging technologies, markets, and opportunities. Learn how AMPLYFI helps engineering organisations with:

  • Technology Innovation

  • Market Analysis

  • Operations

  • Digital Transformation

Technology Innovation

Be the disruptor. Not the disrupted.

Engineering companies use DataVoyant to accelerate innovation by scanning the global horizon to spot industry-changing technologies before their peers.

Research and Development

Maximise the impact of your R&D spend. Map the global technology landscape, identify technology “white space” and discover novel challenger technologies.

Partnerships, Investments, Acquisitions

Undertake deep analysis of competitors, partners, and targets. Find connected institutions, individuals, and start-ups long before patent-based searches bear fruit.

Market Analysis

Monitor industry trends, consumer behaviour, and brand performance.

DataVoyant enables engineering companies to monitor market behaviour in real-time, and receive early warnings of emerging opportunities and risks.

Industry trends

Engineering companies use DataVoyant to stay ahead of the competition by understanding drivers of change for Industry 4.0 and beyond.

Brand performance

Understand your brand performance, the changing significance of your brand, and consumer sentiment. Benchmark against competitors and identify new opportunities in new markets.


Business Intelligence 4.0

AMPLYFI’s customers benefit from long range insights into market health, supplier health, and customer health. They see risks early and act to avoid disruption.

Market dynamics

DataVoyant delivers the most comprehensive view on long-term market trends, drivers of change, threats, and opportunities.

Supply and distribution chains

Engineering companies monitor supplier health in real-time and spot opportunities to diversify supply and distribution chains to reduce operational risk.


Engineering companies hunt for new prospects with high growth potential and cement renewals through customer delight.

Digital Transformation

Knowledge is the new oil.

Companies use DeepResearch to turn data into knowledge. 

DeepResearch searches across your entire organisation’s data, subscription content, and gold standard data sources – all via a single query.

AMPLYFI unlocks your data to make it easy to search, access, and share. Transition yourself from processing data to generating and disseminating knowledge.

See the case study

Case Study: Digital Transformation

How do you share knowledge across the world’s largest aerospace company?

Boeing have been engineering flying machines for more than a century. Today they have over 160,000 employees, with operations all over the globe (and beyond).

Boeing use DeepResearch to provide their employees with a single point of access for their organisation’s data, subscription content, and gold-standard data sources.

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