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You need to navigate ever growing set of topics, technologies and regulatory uncertainty. Our Insights Automation Platform can support you to research, analyse and harness the waves of disruption reshaping the energy industry.

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What can you do with Amplyfi?

Our Platform empowers consulting teams to produce more work, of a higher quality, with less cost & effort.

Increased Speed

400 Searches in 1

Configure your sources based on what matters to you, targeting event the most niché granular sources for your industry.

Automate Analysis

See the most prevalent topics, emerging trends and connections between organisations people and places.

Read the Source Documents

Don’t just see the trend, read the reason behind it and use that knowledge to drive further insights.

Increased Depth

100-million Expert Documents

Over 100-million English language News & Web, Patents & Scientific Papers, analysed across thousands of subjects.

Thousand of New Documents per Day

Focus our platform on Topics that matter to you, and automate analysis of thousands of documents a day.

Deep Information

We specialise in unlocking obscure material including pay-walled and internal sources, that traditional tools won’t access.

Powerful Tools for Strategic Decision Making

We super-charge your research & analysis functions with an intuitive, cost-effective online platform.

Search 400 internal & external sources, with one click.

Automated insights from over 100 million documents.


Our Latest Insights Reports

Our own Consultants use our Insights Automation Platform to publish on a wide range of topics.

AMPLYFI InsightsCompetitor IntelligenceSustainability
January 5, 2023

Comparing the Net Zero Targets of Oil Majors

Meet the Author - Dr. Lee Eccleshare - Head of Research In his role as Head of Research, Lee leverages AMPLYFI’s technologies to better inform clients before they make strategically…
AMPLYFI InsightsSustainability
December 9, 2022

Sustainable Planning and Urbanisation: Preparing for a Greener Future

Jon Howells, Associate Product Manager Jon is an associate product manager at AMPLYFI, enabling the inception and development of AMPLYFI technologies through communication with external and internal stakeholders to ensure…
AMPLYFI InsightsCOVID-19Current Affairs
November 25, 2022

Is the next pandemic already with us?

Meet the Author - Ian Jones, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer As a co-founder of AMPLYFI, Ian formulates the company's long term vision and strategy as well as working on…
cover image for blogAMPLYFI InsightsCompetitor IntelligenceResearch report
November 22, 2022

Competitive Analysis of Shipping Companies with regards to Low-Carbon Marine Fuels

This document focuses on the competitive analysis of Shipping Companies through the lens of “Low-Carbon Marine Fuels” for XYZ Shipping Inc. – a global logistic provider, challenging for the top…
AMPLYFI InsightsCase Study
November 22, 2022

AMPLYFI data reveals new insight into AI workforce demand in China

AMPLYFI partners with the Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET) at Georgetown University to analyse the state of AI workforce demand in China, with insight from the analysis of…
AMPLYFI InsightsAnalyst ReportMarketsSustainabilityTechnology Horizon Scanning
November 3, 2022

Smart Cities Report

With the rapid development of data and technology, the concept of a 'smart city' is becoming increasingly familiar to the public. Unsurprisingly, the innovation-driven organisations and cities have already begun…
AMPLYFI InsightsDiversity Equality & Inclusion
September 22, 2022

Scaling Towards Gender Equality

Gender diversity creates a more representative, healthier and more effective culture within any team or organisation. At AMPLYFI we are at the beginning of our journey towards gender equality. We…
September 16, 2022

Digital Transformation in Education: Trends amid Pandemic Disruptions and Beyond

We’ve used our AI-driven research platform to read and analyse thousands of news documents and surface trends into how education is evolving in the age of rapid digital transformation. COVID-19 disrupted…
cover image for blogAMPLYFI InsightsWhite paper
September 2, 2022

White Paper: Extracting Insight from Unstructured Data

The story so far: Organisations that don’t leverage data are falling behind. Specifically in unstructured data lies vast, and largely untapped, value. At AMPLYFI we have made this area of…
AMPLYFI InsightsCompetitor IntelligenceMarketsTechnology Horizon Scanning
August 19, 2022

Smartphones overturned the digital camera industry: Could we have seen it coming?

An example of how our platform can support early-stage recognition of major trends and possible disruptions, with analysis into the disruption caused by smartphones on the digital camera market.A CIPA…
AMPLYFI InsightsCompetitor IntelligenceTechnology Horizon Scanning
August 5, 2022

Self-driving Cars: Which Companies are Leading the Way?

AMPLYFI, through analysis of news documents, has used its machine-driven platform to surface the leading organisations within the self-driving car industry. The analysis, spanning the last five years, indicates the…
cover image for leapfrogging the smart generationAMPLYFI InsightsAnalyst ReportMarketsTechnology Horizon Scanning
July 29, 2022

Leapfrogging the Smart Generation

Technologies are constantly evolving. With technology and product development cycles becoming ever shorter, it is a growing risk that existing technologies could become redundant well before the end of their…