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Prospecting with purpose.

Unlike traditional tools which rely on out of date industry classifications, lack comprehensive data points and ignore the needs of a modern bank, AMPLYFI’s next-generation tools enable prospecting like never before.

Our technology unlocks the power of the deep web, delivering unique insights by connecting structured and unstructured data at scale to uncover previously hidden links, trends and opportunities. 

Get the whole picture

Intelligent search. Stay up-to-date with key news related to clients and topics that are important to you in minutes, not hours.

Spot risks before they happen

Our AI can discover unknown links and connections between entities, so you’ll be the first to know of any risks, opportunities and disruptions.

Drive innovation

Be alert to emerging topics and areas with highly accelerating innovation, from payments technology to cutting-edge banking solutions, use high-quality insights to know where to focus.

Uncover emerging risks to make better credit decisions.

How do you decide whether to increase or reduce exposure to a customer? Get high-quality insights with AMPLYFI’s product suite.

Comprehensive data coverage

AMPLYFI’s research platform uses Artificial Intelligence to unlock the deep web (400-500% larger than the area of the web standard search engines access) and give you high-quality insight.

Know your portfolio

Struggling to keep up with all the new updates for clients across your portfolio? Our powerful AI generates valuable insights from unstructured data in real-time.

Save time and money

Your team can never keep up with all the key information and news being published. Our tools read content faster and more accurately than any human can and deliver you with clear, unbiased, market-changing insights, at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

We work with the world's largest organisations.

AMPLYFI is used by global banks and other large businesses.

"I spent over an hour on search engines researching a change in regulation for a customer and found it inside 5 minutes on DeepResearch."


"For the first time in the history of the Internet, scientists and citizens alike can search distant and remote national scientific databases in real time and receive precise, relevance-ranked results in seconds. No other search engine can do this because these databases reside in the “deep web” where traditional search engines generally cannot reach."

Ray Orbach — Former Under Secretary of United States

We work with the world's largest organisations.

AMPLYFI is used by global banks and other large businesses.

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