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Our products are used by universities and think-tanks to carry out:

  • Literature Reviews

  • Surveillance Intelligence

  • Digital Transformation

Literature Reviews

Researchers use DeepResearch and DataVoyant to continuously scan across relevant disciplines, dive deep into specific topics, and identify prominent and hard-to-find institutions and individuals.

Conduct literature reviews in hours, not years

DeepResearch searches across the entire surface and deep web in seconds to locate academic publications, patents, company websites, financial records, news and social media all from a single query. Unsupervised machine learning classifies results thematically, allowing researchers to drill down and click through to relevant content.

Map industry / academia relationships

Identifying prominent individuals and institutions within a field of research is critical for successful collaboration. DataVoyant automatically identifies connected topics, people and institutions – ranking their significance, plotting their location in the world, and quantifying the temporal evolution of topics.

Trend analysis

Keep track of all trends over time and quantify the importance of topics in relation to your search query by processing thousands of documents automatically, saving you time to focus on value-add activities.

Case Study: Using Unstructured Data to Fill Gaps in Chinese AI Market Data

AMPLYFI, working with the Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET) at Georgetown University, used our Insights Automation Platform and unstructured data from the deep web, to identify more Artificial Intelligence companies in China, than were identified by structured data-sets.

Surveillance Intelligence

DataVoyant makes it possible to generate surveillance intelligence at a scale and speed that has previously not been possible.

Utilise open source data

The continual growth of open source data on the internet provides a means by which researchers can identify and monitor activities of organizations and individuals that may be engaging in activities of interest.

Find new leads

DataVoyant applies machine learning algorithms to analyze the deep web for key trends, people, and patterns, to assess whether any weak signals can be detected. This could open new leads of information and investigation.

Tap into all sources

DataVoyant uses academic papers and journal articles, as well as the entire AMPLYFI news database of over 85k sources, blogs, patents, company websites and more. This extensive coverage means less signals are missed.

See the case study

Case Study: Surveillance Intelligence

North Korea’s Biological Weapons Program: The Known and Unknown

Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs engaged AMPLYFI to review the current state of knowledge on North Korea’s biological weapons program. Existing literature described its biological weapons program with mixed levels of credibility. AMPLYFI’s technologies revealed a range of unknown research and procurement activities.

Read the full report

“To date, AMPLYFI has mined 840,000 websites that contain a curated list of pertinent biological search terms. Of these, they found 23,000 websites with weak associations to North Korea, 170 of which point to particular organizations and institutions. The AMPLYFI team provided us with new insights into research methodology.”

Harvard Kennedy SchoolBelfer Center for Science and International Affairs

Digital Transformation

Search and access hundreds of data sources all in one place. Provide a single point of access to search across multiple information sources in multiple languages. Include subscription content, public information, and institutional knowledge. Make results public, or manage access as required.

All in one place

DeepResearch provides a single search box to access all of your subscriptions, digital catalog and public resources. Simply access for any researcher via any modern web browser.

Smart filters, smart decisions

DeepResearch displays results thematically meaning you can quickly find and access the most relevant content.

Your institution’s brand

Leverage the power DeepResearch underneath your institution’s branded web page. Unlimited search boxes on multiple pages, accessible from any device. 

We work with the world's largest organisations.

AMPLYFI is used by global banks and other large businesses.

"I spent over an hour on search engines researching a change in regulation for a customer and found it inside 5 minutes on DeepResearch."


"For the first time in the history of the Internet, scientists and citizens alike can search distant and remote national scientific databases in real time and receive precise, relevance-ranked results in seconds. No other search engine can do this because these databases reside in the “deep web” where traditional search engines generally cannot reach."

Ray Orbach — Former Under Secretary of United States

We work with the world's largest organisations.

AMPLYFI is used by global banks and other large businesses.

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