Stream allows you to monitor markets and know your customer in more depth than ever before. It acts as a confluence of information, bringing together your most relevant data sources about sectors and companies. With AI analytics, Stream quickly allows you to see the most important points of discussion in news and social media, as well as the latest trends emerging from big data.

get the 360° view

Access multiple data sources all in one place and see the full picture through social media, news, AI analytics, stocks or financial data. Monitor any sector or company, from emerging start ups to global corporations.

be reactive

Make informed decisions and take action sooner with bespoke dashboards that streamline and enhance information gathering. Access and assess real-time information, enabling you to seize opportunities and react to rising threats.

stay ahead of the field

Stream gives you a data-driven overview of any market or company. User-level customisation combined with AI analytics give you a fresh, insightful and exclusive perspective.