DataVoyant™ is the world’s first commercially available technology of its kind, designed specifically to address today’s business intelligence and research challenges. It leverages artificial intelligence to analyse global trends in any sector. DataVoyant™ uncovers these trends in one of the world's largest repositories - the internet. A new benchmark for business intelligence has been set.

gain greater insight

Combining web mining with deep-learning analytics, DataVoyant™ calculates trends and evaluates connections in big data. It empowers you to make better decisions based on a greater wealth of information.

take the early advantage

DataVoyant™ uncovers even the weakest of connections. It enables the discovery of unknown unknowns before anyone else and gives valuable foresight on possible opportunities and disruptions around the world.

unravel complexity

DataVoyant™ grows your knowledge universe, making light work of even the most complex of topics. Whether you're an expert in your subject of interest or not, you can quickly gain a deep understanding of an area and uncover something new.

AI in your hands

Cloud-hosted and accessible from anywhere in the world, DataVoyant™ unlocks the wealth of information in the internet through intuitive and interactive visualisations. Prepare to augment your knowledge.