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Your team wastes hundreds of hours, hunting for “that information”. DeepResearch searches over 400 web, paid and internal sources in 1-click, summarising results using Machine Learning.

Saving up to 50% of your secondary research time.

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An Enterprise-Grade Search Engine

400+ Searches in 1-click.

A single click, triggers searches across over 400 data global sources covering:

Academic, Consulting, Finance, Government, Industry, Military, News & Patents

Finding information from everywhere in seconds not hours.

Not Consumer Search.

DeepResearch is a paid Enterprise-Grade Search Engine. That means:

  • Results based on relevance, not popularity
  • No Ads, E-Commerce or Retargeting Cookies
  • Data is protected, not sold to the highest bidder

Helping you cut through the noise, with less effort.

Machine Enhanced Results.

400 sources are a lot to pick through, so our Machine Learning algorithm summarises your results into clear topics to help refine your research.

Helping you uncover unknown information faster.

Search All of Your Content.

We provide connectors for many major internal and paid data sources including:

  • Internal Document Libraries such as Sharepoint or CRM
  • Paid Research Sources such as Forrester or IHS
  • Structured Data integrations such as Equifax or Bloomberg

So your team can always find “that information”.

“One challenge that researchers face is where to look for information. Google Scholar is popular but doesn’t include the wide array of resources licensed by the Stanford Libraries. Current students, faculty, and staff at Stanford are able to use three customized collections of databases to find needed information. Developed by the Stanford Libraries and AMPLYFI, these databases are grouped by subject categories and multiple subject categories can be searched at one time.”

Grace Baysinger, Stanford Libraries

Supercharge Your Research.

DeepResearch streamlines your entire secondary research process from request to report.

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Unlock 30-50% of your teams secondary research time, by deploying DeepResearch.

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DeepResearch is an intuitive enterprise-grade research tool, that can impact your work in minutes.

Over 400 sources with potential to expand using internal and paid sources from your own libraries
Remove and add individual sources, or entire themes to shape your results
Save Results, Review History or Set Alerts for new results, so you never miss an insight
Organise your results to streamline your workflows and reporting more easily
Cite, share and print any set of results in a single click, to save time before deadlines

All the Features Your Research Needs

400+ Web Sources

Connect Paid External Sources

Connect Internal Databases

Build Personal Document Libraries

Trigger Custom Search Alerts

Machine Enhanced Topics

Wikipedia Topic Summary

Advanced Search Tools

1-Click Print, Cite & Share

Dark Mode UI

An Intuitive & Powerful Research Tool from just £9 per working day

  • Save 20-50% of Desk based research time
  • Search hundreds more sources than manual processes
  • Enhance your analysis with Machine Learning

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