More Insights, Less Effort.

Your team can never keep up with all the expert content being published globally. DeepInsight reads & analyses the worlds patents, scientific papers, news articles and documents.

Turning millions of hours of reading, into simple tailored insights.

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An Insights Automation Platform

Millions of Expert Documents

DeepInsight has read hundreds of millions of expert documents and sources, covering:

  • Millions of Patents
  • Millions of Scientific Papers
  • Millions of News Articles
  • Thousands of new documents added every day

Ensuring your insights are based on the broadest possible knowledge base.




Scientific Papers


News & Web Articles

Machine-Read, Like an Analyst

DeepInsight automatically structures the information from any document it reads, applying over 16 Machine Learning algorithms to extract:

  • Entities – like organisations, places and people
  • Topics – from single to strings of words in various forms
  • Metadata – source, document type, publishing date & location

Providing you with an unrivalled, searchable view of the world.

Beyond Human Capabilities

By covering such a vast set of information, DeepInsight is able to examine entities and topics on-demand and in real-time, including:

  • Identify Connections – showing you who is involved in what, from fraud to organic food
  • Weight Significance – providing movement over time, to help identify the early movers in a space

Helping you find signals that would normally remain hidden.

Instant, Beautiful Insight Reports

DeepInsight wraps vast amounts of information in a powerful, user-friendly interface. Out-of-the-box reports include:

  • Topic & Organisation Overviews
  • Geographic, Sectors, Topic Trends
  • Media Sentiment & Related Risks

So you can go from Research to Returns with minimal effort. 

Find the Source Faster

Every insight is created from the analysis of expert content. DeepInsight helps you to audit this evidence with:

  • Highlighted Phrases, Entities and Topics
  • Powerful Document Filters
  • Links to Original source Materials

So that your Reports can stand up to the highest scrutiny. 

An Intuitive & Powerful Research Tool from just £9 per working day

  • Save 20-50% of Desk based research time
  • Search hundreds more sources than manual processes
  • Enhance your analysis with Machine Learning

Find out how much more effective your Research can be

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7 Flexible Reports, Dozens of Specific Analyses

DeepInsight streamlines your entire secondary research process from request to report.

Topic Overview Report

Explore the key phrases, connected entities, and published/mentioned locations.

Organisation Overview Report

Explore the organisation, connected sectors, and sentiment over time.

Geographic Report

 Explore connected locations, organisations in regions and sentiment across regions.

Sectors Report

Explore connected sectors across time and sentiment, down to individual sentences.

Topic Trends Report

Explore trends over time, across topics and organisations and over timelines.

Media Sentiment Report

Explore the sentiment over time, across countries and sectors.

Related Risks Report

Explore Adverse Media, Connected Entities and Sentences Indicating Risk.

Empower Your Analysts.

DeepInsight streamlines your entire secondary research process from request to report.

Make All Your Insight Reports Less Effort

Unlock hundreds of hours of your teams time, with each Insight Report you create.