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Support your strategic decision-making process with a bespoke Market Insights Report written by an Expert Analyst empowered with AI Tools.

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Get Bespoke Insights Reports for less Cost than an Intern.

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Combine Human & Machine Analysis

Experts are expensive and intelligent, and machines are tireless but require supervision. We combine both to provide you with more insight for less cost.

Analyse Your Unique Interests

Set the scope of the Analysis based on your unique scenario and needs:

  • Every report is bespoke and unique
  • Answer the questions that matter to you
  • No off-the-shelf recommendations

Go Deeper with Human + Machine

Combine expert human Analysts with tireless machine learning:

  • Analyse thousands of documents per report
  • With human curated Recommendations
  • Packaged as a standard Market Insights Report

A Streamlined Process

The speed of off-the-shelf, with the flexibility of a boutique consultancy:

  • Ask the questions that are important to you
  • Get results in a few short weeks
  • Lower costs than many off-the-shelf Reports

Each Report Contains

Executive Summary

1-3 Pages designed to be used as briefing materials with senior stakeholders.


A clearly prioritised set of recommended actions from our expert human Analyst, based on the Insights in the Report.


A broad look at the key elements (Organsiations, Technologies, Topics) found within your Area of Interest.

Deep Dives

A more thorough investigation of specifically interesting Elements from the overall Landscape.


Comparison of Elements against each other using a combination of structured and unstructured data.

Further Suggestions

Potential future research pathways and new areas of interest arising from the Report.

All the Raw Data

Access to the supporting documents and data that were used to produce the report.

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