Powering Market Intelligence with AI

Our research tool uses AI to analyse and monitor the web and uncover previously hidden links, trends and opportunities.

Solutions for Your Teams.

We help teams across your organisation to work more effectively and leverage the power of insights automation in their daily workflows.

Key Account Teams

Account Based Marketing

Content Marketing

Product & Innovation Teams

Financial Risk Teams

Business Strategy Teams

Next generation research, monitoring and analysis.

  • Save 20-50% of desk-based research time
  • Enhance your analysis with Machine Learning
  • Power better informed decision-making

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Your team needs all kinds of information to do their jobs effectively. We build tools that help anyone in your organisation find, filter and use the right information faster.

  • Connect to deeper content
  • Find what matters faster
  • Drive productive research
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Support your strategic decision-making process with a bespoke Market Insights Report written by an Expert Analyst empowered with AI Tools.

  • Analyse your unique interests
  • Go deeper with Human + Machine
  • A streamlined process
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Save thousands of hours of reading time with an AI Monitoring tool that cares about your inbox.

  • All the content you could ever read
  • Filter to what matters
  • Read less know more
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Our platform helps us go deep and broad on a huge range of topics.