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The Trust Index for Market Intelligence

Download our free report to uncover the most valued and trusted sources for Intelligence, Insights, and Research. 

This report draws on an extensive survey of 1,000 intelligence professionals. Download your copy to refine your decision-making process with the most credible sources as used by industry leaders.

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Key Research Stats

have knowingly made a business decision based on poor information
fear the increasing volume of content is becoming unsustainable
said different channels provide contradictory information


In an era where the volume of data overwhelms as much as it informs, discerning which content to trust for strategic decision-making is paramount.

This led us to develop this report, aiming to identify key data sources that can bolster your decision-making capabilities.

The paradox of Market Intelligence. We live in a world of information overload—currently, about 150 trillion GB of data is available, which would take one person nine billion years to process. Not only that, 90% of this data was generated in the past two years! Unsurprisingly, our research shows that 64% of knowledge workers believe that managing this ever-increasing volume of data is becoming unsustainable.

The consequences. A significant number of professionals (80%) confess to making business decisions based on information they are not completely sure about, with nearly half (44%) doing so on multiple occasions.

Why trust is important. Manually reviewing all available information can sometimes take too long or is impractical, therefore, our research indicates knowledge workers rely on their ‘trusted sources’. Essentially, trust acts as a crucial shortcut. However, while this approach saves time, it can reduce the diversity of content analysed and create an ‘echo chamber’ of insights.

Our report identifies the sources that top Intelligence Professionals use—information you can use too. Plus, it examines how trustworthy AI solutions can grant you access to broader data and source points, leading to more comprehensive and reliable insights.

Download now to see our findings.

What’s inside the report?

  • Discover Trusted Sources: Learn about the most effective and credible information sources for Market Intelligence and Research Teams.
  • Innovate with Confidence: Understand why venturing beyond familiar sources can uncover valuable, actionable insights.
  • Leverage AI Effectively: Discover how advanced AI tools can help identify high-value content and bolster your strategic decisions.

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