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Trend Analysis of the Conference and Congress Sector

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A sample research report

This document provides a landscape analysis of the Congress and Conferences Industry, with a specific focus on the healthcare sector. Its aim is to help a hypothetical pharmaceutical firm align their tactics with industry trends within conferences and congresses.

XYZ Pharmaceutical Inc. seeks to understand the current landscape of the Congress and Conferences Industry, particularly the impact of technology and travel on the healthcare conference sector. To achieve this aim, a thorough landscape analysis and deep dive into the sector of interest were conducted to highlight overall trends and anticipated developments in the next few years.

Based on the analysis of thousands of documents on Congress and Conferences, this report makes key recommendations for the events team of XYZ Pharmaceutical Inc. 

28k Documents (over 1 year of human reading) about Alternate Congress and Conferences were analysed to produce this Report.

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Report structure:

  • Executive Summary – 1-3 Pages designed to be used as briefing materials with senior stakeholders, including our Analysts Recommendations
  • Discussion Landscape – In this section we will use the entire analysis library to derive insight at an aggregate level across all industries, identifying key topics of discussions, prominent technologies and relevant trends behind the changes
  • Deep Dive into Healthcare Industry – In this section we explore the healthcare industry in more depth, further breaking down the content of congress and conferences discussions,  the main organisations involved and strategies for driving  professional engagement