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Sample Report: The Healthcare Conference & Congress Sector

By March 17, 2023March 22nd, 2024No Comments

This document provides a landscape analysis of the Congress and Conferences Industry, explicitly focusing on the healthcare sector.

The report seeks to understand the current landscape of the Congress and Conferences Industry, particularly the impact of technology and travel on the healthcare conference sector. A thorough landscape analysis and deep dive into the sector of interest were conducted to highlight overall trends and anticipated developments in the next few years.

Insights from the report:

  • The format of events (virtual/in-person/hybrid) is close to returning to pre-pandemic levels
  • Climate change and digital transformation are the most prominent macro-level drivers of discussion
  • Key to this digital transformation is artificial intelligence, robotics and automation
  • Interactive engagement tactics (including workshops and panel discussions) are the industry norm

We also Deep Dive into the healthcare & pharmaceutical conference industry, which highlights:

  • The significant role played by large financial institutions in the healthcare conference landscape
  • The low prominence of any Patient Advocacy Groups
  • A greater acceptance of the hybrid conference model
  • Fireside chats are significantly more common in health-related conferences than the wider industry norm

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