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Analysis: Discovering your Next Customer

By March 10, 2023No Comments

AMPLYFI’s Analysis tab allows you to dissect a collection of documents that have been harvested on a chosen topic by providing a series of graphs and tables outlining the most common keyphrases, organisations and locations mentioned. This provides you with the ability to analyse documents at scale, cutting research time down immensely while providing key insights.

This blog will show you how you can leverage DeepInsight’s power to read thousands of documents and extract key information to discover new customers. Not only can DeepInsight identify these prospective customers for you, it can also Monitor these organisations. DeepInsight will send you alerts about those organisations, enabling you to identify opportunities immediately and act on them.

Step 1: Create your Analysis and Select your Library

Select ‘Analysis’ from the left side bar and click ‘create analysis’. You can then select the library or libraries most relevant to you. (Libraries are created by Areas of Interest that you are Monitoring or by requests to your AMPLYFI representative; if you need help with this, please contact Once you have selected the relevant content, select ‘Show Analysis’.

Step 2: Apply Filters

In this scenario, we are interested in discovering new opportunities by identifying organisations with an increasing connection to our territory and sector. These could be small businesses that are growing in these areas, or they could be established businesses that are new to the sector or territory.

We can apply a location filter to focus on documents that are only from our territory of interest. The Filters Bar on the left side of the screen contains a range of filters, select ‘Locations’ and click the + button next to the location you are interested in. Select ‘Apply Filters’ to view the results.

You can also apply time range filters and search for specific mentions, in the Filters Bar, if it helps you focus your search for new customers.

Step 3: Investigate the List of Organisations

DeepInsight has extracted all of the organisations mentioned in our document set. The List of Organisations chart ranks the top 250 by number of mentions. The players at the top of the chart are likely going to be known to us already, so let’s go to the bottom of the list to identify potential new prospects.

Clicking on the bars for any of the organisations allows you to investigate that organisation in more detail. You can view the documents that mention that organisation to understand the context for why that organisation is on the list. Click ‘View Related Documents’ and then use the search bar at the top of each document to find the organisation quickly.

Step 4: Create a Monitoring Library and Add your Target Organisations

Once you have identified a couple of hot prospects, now it’s time to set up a Monitoring library so that DeepInsight can keep you up to date with news about these prospects in your sector.

Go to the Monitoring Tab on the left-hand side bar, click ‘Monitor an Area of Interest’ and select ‘Customer Monitoring’. Follow the setup, adding the new prospects that you have found.

DeepInsight will now perform daily monitoring for you. It will alert you in the Feed Tab to any mentions of your prospects and the Alert Topics that you have set up. (For more information about how best to set up your Alert Topics see ‘Monitoring: Optimising Alert Topics’. Taking a look at ‘Monitoring: Optimising Sources’ can also be useful to make sure you are getting the best information coverage.) DeepInsight will also create a new library in the Analysis Tab for these prospects. This means you can come back to the Analysis Tab to discover other organisations or topics of interest related to these prospects. As the library builds over time, it will provide you with increased intelligence on – and therefore increased likelihood of success with – these prospects.

If you have any questions or have feedback about DeepInsight, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact

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