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Monitoring: Filter by Industry

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AMPLYFI’s Monitoring tab allows you to stay up to date on organisations or technologies that you are interested in through daily alert emails. It also allows you to create a library of documents that you can analyse further through our Analysis tab.

In this blog, we will be sharing how you can reduce the amount of noise in your Monitoring feed by filtering your alerts based on industry. First, let’s define the key vocabulary in relation to Monitoring:

Alert Topic

Alert Topics are keywords and concepts that you would like to be alerted on when they appear in relation to an organisation or technology that you have included in your Area of Interest.

Single Interest

A Single Interest is either an individual organisation or technology that you are interested in monitoring.

Area of Interest

An Area of Interest is a group of Single Interests that you would like to be updated on, usually that have some relation to each other.

Once you have created an Area of Interest, you are able to narrow down the information you are interested in by adding Alert Topics. To drill down further, you can now add Industry Filters. Adding Industry Filters will ensure that you are receiving the most relevant alerts, removing unnecessary noise. When adding Industry Filters, they will apply to the Area of Interest, not a Single Interest within an Area of Interest.

Step 1

On the Monitoring tab, you will see the option to add Filters. Click the ‘+’ next to Filters.

Step 2

Type in the industry that you would like to filter by. For example: ‘The Internet of Things’ and click on the the correct option populated by the autocomplete. This will add that industry to your filter list. You can choose up to 10 industries for each Area of Interest. Click confirm.

Step 3

Once you have chosen your desired industries, you are able to edit these Industry Filters by clicking the ‘…’ and choosing edit filters.

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