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Sample Report: The Alternate Proteins Market

By November 16, 2022September 7th, 2023No Comments

This document analyses the “Alternate Proteins Market”, specifically deep-diving into “lab-grown Meat”.

Given the potential climate impact of animal farming on a scale needed to sustain the protein needs of a rising population, there will be a renewed focus on non-traditional protein sources in the coming years. This report focuses on innovations in “lab-grown meat” that they believe could develop into a substantial protein market share in the future. The report makes several Key Recommendations based on the Analysis of over 20,000 documents of interest.

The data provides an overview of the Alternate Protein Market, showing:

  • 3.5X growth in discussion since 2017, dominated by the US (>50%)
  • Interest in Plant-Based Meat, lab-grown Meat and Whey Protein is driven by Sustainability and Animal Welfare
  • Profiles of three key organisations – Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Tyson Foods

This is followed by a Deep Dive into the Lab-grown Meat Market showing:

  • The United States and Singapore as regulatory ice-breakers, and the Netherlands & Israel also foster growing ecosystems
  • Drivers include reducing real meat consumption, concerns about animal welfare, helping food security and safety, and reducing carbon emissions
  • Profiles of some of the key players in the Lab-Grown Meat sector