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Leapfrogging the Smart Generation

By July 29, 2022 November 3rd, 2022 No Comments

Are smart grids obsolete before their time?

Technologies are constantly evolving. With technology and product development cycles becoming ever shorter, it is a growing risk that existing technologies could become redundant well before the end of their economic lives. When planning infrastructure, backing the wrong technologies or failing to appreciate the next wave of disruptive breakthroughs could spell economic disaster. 

Analysis conducted using our AI-driven platform highlights that the world is set to continue to invest billions of dollars more to smarten our electricity grids with technologies and infrastructure that could rapidly become obsolete. In our latest e-book, AMPLYFI’s co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Ian Jones explores the future generations of energy technologies beyond this immediate smart generation.

“Our machine-driven analysis has revealed technologies that sit, not in the next wave of power technologies, but in waves beyond that”

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